We offer a wide range of courses ranging from 2-hour briefings, to 4-day work safety culture and leadership programs.
Through our associated company 'Occupational Safety & Health Associates' (OSHA Aust), we can provide both Comcare-Approved and WorkSafe Victoria-Approved Initial 5-day and 1-day Refresher Training Courses.
We also offer courses for Health & Safety Committees and WHS briefings for senior managers and directors.

'MAKING WHS MY BUSINESS' is our New Generation ‘Safety Leadership’ & Safe Behaviours’ that has been conducted in the USA, Canada, Malaysia, Brazil, Australia and Europe (for participants from the UK, Holland, France and Belgium).
(Government Approved)


Looking for a practical, interactive and fun course led by highly experienced trainers/ consultants who also have provided practical WHS assistance to many organisations and who can 'practice what we preach'!

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(Government Approved)

(1 day)
Is it time for your HSRs to do their annual Refresher Course? Perhaps you want a 1 day WHS Overview course?
This highly interactive 1-day workshop provides an overview of new and/or recent developments with legislation and reviews the role, powers and rights of in HSRs.

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(1, 2 or 3 day programs)
Are you frustrated by inefficiencies in your Health & Safety Committee?
Many committees suffer the same problems – no clear idea of a committee’s functions, a few people do most of the talking, no set procedures are followed and no action occurs.  Indeed, having a bad safety committee can be worse than having no committee at all.

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WHS - Making It MY Business
(Looking to develop a Culture of Safety Leadership and Safe Behaviours in Your Organisation?
An exciting new concept in safety leadership and developing work safety cultures – exploring principles of work health & safety, culture and risk, understanding why some people take risks, the importance of emotional intelligence and developing skills for effective interventions.
This program has been conducted in Australia, New Zealand, the UK (for participants from 5 European countries), USA, Canada, Malaysia and Brazil.
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Other Programs Include:
Work Safety for Managers & Supervisors (1, 2 or 3 days)
Work Safety and Industrial Relations
Managing Work Safety with Contractors
Job Safety Analysis and Safe Work Method Statements
Safe Manual Materials Handling
Basic Work & Workplace Ergonomics