Working From Home?
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An employee guide to working safely from home
David McIvor (Ph.D.)
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What's covered in this book?

- What is meant by ‘work safety’ and how the nature of work is changing our understandings of work safety (Chapter 2).
- What flexible working arrangements mean and why your safety and health are important, no matter where you work (Chapter 3).
- Staying safe and reducing the risk of injury while working from home (Chapter 4).
- Getting the home workplace right for you (including discussions on workplace ergonomics and the different elements of screen-based equipment, sitting vs standing, using laptop computers and tablets, your work habits and other work health and safety issues).
- The traps and challenges of working from home (including stress) - and how to manage them (Chapter 6).
- A final look into the future of work and the impact the Internet of Things may have on the nature of work itself.

Who is this book for?

The book largely is addressed to the worker who is preparing to undertake their work from unconventional workplaces, perhaps under flexible working arrangements they have agreed to with their employer. They may be a ‘digital nomad’, which is a type of worker who uses telecommunications technologies to earn a living and does not have an office in the conventional sense of the word. These workers can work remotely from foreign countries, coffee shops, public libraries, co-working spaces, or even vehicles. In many cases, their workplace will be their home.
Designers, journalists, advertising agents, real estate agents, IT specialists, artists and many other professionals can create a quality product or service while sitting in a comfortable chair in their home. You only need your employer's desire and agreement, and you can achieve a greater level of flexibility, while still being highly productive.

If you are a professional who works from home or unconventional locations, or if you employ or manage people who do so, this book is for you.

What are the traps of working from home?
See all the tips, suggestions and ideas.
Remote Working; Flexible Working Arrangements; Working From Home

“David has some very awesome detailed information in this book. He outlines all the major pitfalls and preventative strategies to help you avoid ending up as a physiotherapy patient from your home workplace injury.  David clearly outlines many of the concerns and preventative strategies that cause workplace injuries we treat as physiotherapists"

Jason Bradley
BodyWorx Physio

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