- Making it MY business

Health & Safety Leadership,
Developing a
Total Safety Culture
and Encouraging
Safe Behaviours

As conducted in Australia, Europe (5 countries), Canada, USA, Brazil, Malaysia

Assumptions we make about each participant - Work Health and Safety (WHS) is YOUR business. So:

  1. You are a WHS leader
  2. You exercise power and influence
  3. You must be willing to modify your own behaviour before asking someone else to change
  4. You can reduce risky behaviours and injuries by paying attention to the warning signs
  5. You need to understand conflict in order to manage conflict
  6. You need to be assertive
  7. You need to recognise and manage your own emotions
  8. You need to be able to give and receive feedback
  9. In giving feedback, you need to be able to de-personalise situations
  10. You need to be able to observe – and address – risky behaviours / risky situations.
You ARE prepared to make WHS YOUR Business
(and not just leave it up to someone else!)

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